Do you want to be more into sport? Get your own bicykle! Take a look at proposal

Spring is coming, days are longer and hotter, nature is awaking. We have much more energy for anything, so we like to do some sport. Heading to the gym, fitness, maybe nordic walking? Or you prefer anything more normal, such as riding on a bike? You can use it in place of a car, to be in well shape.

You don’t have one? There are at least three alternatives for you! Get electric bicykle, buy regular one or design your own bike.


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Electric bicycles are not only for lazy people as you may asumpt. If you get a common model, you will still require to use your own muscles to move it. It engine isn’t very powerful, that’s because you are able to charge it in your own apartment. Beside, you don’t require any driving license for it, because it is more such as a bike then motocykle. It looks exact like mens city bike, the engine is not visible. It is fantastic vehicle for those, who wishes to use it as a transportation to job, where they can’t be to sweaty. The engine starts to incorporate in the same minute you begin to move your pedals, but you might disconnect it whenever you want to.


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One of the latest alternative on the market, is chance to design your own bike. To do so, you have to go for a dedicated web site of producers, and select one of many patterns. Then you could change there whatever you like: wheels, color, shape of frames. There are few of labels available, so it could be cheaper or more costly, that is your call. It is perfect option for those who don’t wish to have the same bicykle as anyone else.

You may also like: most common option, is to find your own mens city bike in nearest shop. You can choose among couple various styles and brands, but be prepare for bigger cost.

Great think about it, is that even when you have no tough what you really want to buy, you will leave with something great. All because of clerks, they are very qualified, they know they job very well. You will answer couple question, determine your price laps, and they will show you couple nice models to choose. If you will select more costly bike, in most of the cases you may get a loan, and pay it in few installments. Spring and holidays without a bike is not the same. It is wonderful way to get in shape in low cost and easy. You are having time on an open air, you can enjoy the weather instead siting at the gym. You could design your own bike, buy normal or electric one – it is your call.

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